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Rising NLBR Enforcement Actions Signal Need To Prepare To Defend Anti-Union and Other Non-Union Specific Practices Against Potential Challenges

The National Labor Regulations Board (NLRB)’s announcement of a settlement against a Connecticut nursing home operator this week in conjunction with a series of other enforcement actions highlight the need for businesses to tighten defenses and exercise other caution to minimize their organization’s exposure to potential NLRB charges or investigation. As reflected by many of these enforcement acts, the exposures arise both from active efforts by businesses to suppress union organizing or contracting activities, as well as the failure to identify and manage hidden labor law exposures in the design and administration of more ordinary human resources, compliance, business operations and other policies and practices.

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Executive’s Sentencing Reminder To Government Contractors, Subcontractors of Need To Manage Bid Rigging & Other Compliance Risks

The U.S. Department of Justice’s May 10 announcement of the sentencing of a company executive for conspiracy to commit mail and wire fraud in connection with bids on a contract for the repair of refuse carts for the city of Chicago highlights the need for businesses and business leaders to use care to ensure the honestly and accuracy of minority subcontractor and other representations made when bidding and contracting for government contracts and other conduct in connection with their business dealings with federal, state or local government agencies.

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