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IRS Warns About Refund E-Mail Scam

In an April 9 news release, the IRS identifies a new bogus email pretending to be from “IRS Refunds,” and containing a link that connects to a fake page where thieves try to steal personally identifiable information, such as Social … Continue reading

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Manage Better By Managing Emotion In Messages

Consciously manage the emotion in your message to manage others better. Research shows people don’t actually respond to language that’s positive or negative. They respond to language that’s emotional. Emotion in language can motivate or alienate, deliver criticism or coaching, … Continue reading

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Secure Devices With Auto-Tracking

Secure devices using mobile tracking. Continue reading

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Corporations As Human Bodies

People too often characterize corporation as if they are some amorphous entity disconnected from humanity. This is a mistake. Corporations by their very essence are collections of people interacting with and impacting other groups of people.. People run them. People … Continue reading

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Check Patriot Act Controls For New FinCEN Rules Targeting North Korea Connected Transactions

Banks and other financial institutions need to review their current USA PATRIOT Act procedures and safeguards in response to an alert and a new final rule relating financial institutions published by the U.S. Department of the Treasury’s Financial Crimes Enforcement … Continue reading

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Reconstruct Records After a Disaster

Are you trying to help your business or family clean up the mess and recover from a hurricane, flood, fire or other disaster? Reconstructing records to prove a loss for tax purposes, getting federal assistance, or insurance reimbursement often is … Continue reading

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Hurricane Impacted Financial Institutions Tell FinCEN If BSA Reports Delayed

FINRA Reporting by Hurricane Impacted Financial Institutions
Continue reading

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