Training For Performance

Effective training and coaching should be key tools in every organization’s performance enhancing toolkit. Unfortunately, many training and coaching investments fail to materially impact performance because the “solution” is so generic in content, delivery or both to work.

Over the past 20 years, the training and coaching industry have morphed into self-declared “solutions” where demand and solution increasingly are divorced from the performance needs of the companies urged to purchase it or the people whose performance it is sold to influence.

While training inherently assumes some core content to be conveyed in a systematic manner, it’s effectiveness depends upon it’s ability to effectively engage the recipient in a manner that leads the recipient to adopt and use the lesson to better and more reliably perform the expected activities on a reliable basis.

And the rest for efficiency and cost effectiveness, too many of today’s training “solutions” fail to achieve this essential purpose because they offer a solution that Miss diagnoses the real problem, fail to engage the student or both.

Business leaders purchasing training should start I’m having a clear understanding of why they are offering the training and their expectation of the performance goals justifying the training. Even where the training is provided to enable to company to check the box on regulatory or contractual training requirements, it is not checking the box but changing the behavior that is the expectation. Rather than looking for the cheapest commit to looking for something that gives you the best bang for the buck to engage your team to meaningfully adopt the information and incorporate it into their self performance management to self- manage their own performance.

Effective training changes performance in a positive way the reduces the need for management to manage that performance. Investing wisely in good training helps management manage better.

About Cynthia Marcotte Stamer

Management attorney and operations consultant Cynthia Marcotte Stamer uses a client objective oriented approach to help businesses, governments, associations and their leaders manage people, performance, risk, legislative and regulatory affairs, data, and other essential elements of their operations.
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